Teacher role and responsbilities

Bio and Photo

To get your bio and photo on the website, please send a short bio and picture to Kari. The picture will be sized to 175 x 175. You are welcome to send a color photo and we will size it properly and make it black and white. If you want to have the perfect cropping, please crop a perfect square before sending.


All teachers have an email address. You will receive a welcome email with a temporary password at your personal email address. Please log in using Gmail. You'll need to enter the full address which includes the part.

We send business emails only to this account. So please check it regularly. We recommend forwarding it to your personal email address (we can help you set this up so you can respond as Endgames too.) Or have it go to your phone. Students might also email you.


The source of truth is at You log in using your Gmail Endgames account. I also added your personal email address just to make it easier.

There is a known glitch on iPhones. Only one browser works (either stock or chrome). But try to log in from a computer first so you know that it at least works. Contact Kari if you are unable to login.

Your rosters, location, time, work schedule (grad shows, classes, workshops), and timesheets can be found on DelClose.

Clocking In and Out

  • Delclose is used to track your hours. How to:
  • You are responsible for creating your timesheets to clock your start and end time for every class and grad show worked.
    • Clocking in and out should be in line with taking everyone’s attendance.
    • Your timesheets are due by the end of each pay period on Friday.

First Day of Class

  • Go over the following points in the STUDENT POLICY with students at the start of class.
    • Students asking if they can make up a day should email info@ or
      • You are welcome to be helpful and answer their questions in line with the Student Policy, but we follow this almost to the "T". If you feel bad about delivering bad news you can send them our way.
    • Attendance policy (2 absences max and missing 30 minutes of class is an absence too). 
    • Refund/Deferment deadline (24 hours after the first day of class - fee included).
    • Two show requirements.  It's important to their growth. Free for students (when available)!
    • When it comes to everything else, you are welcome to tell them to just email or to get the final answer. 
  • It is your responsibility to know about the Attendance, Show Requirement, Grad Show, and Conduct covered in the Student Policy.
  • In the rare case a student claims to have paid for the class but isn’t on the roster, they can join for the first day (only) but need to contact info@ ASAP.


Update attendance at the beginning and end of every class when you clock in and out. We need these updated on the day the class occurs as they inform the Admin when students need help and contact info@. Missing information causes delays for both the Admin and students in resolving matters.

  • D1 - D7
    • U = Unassigned
    • P = Present
    • A = Absent
    • T = Tardy (Missed 30 minutes of class)
    • M = Make-Up Day
  • P/F = Pass/Fail 

Any student not on the roster can not participate (with the exception of the first class day if they said they paid online for your class). Anyone on a waitlist cannot participate at any time until enrolled. Have them contact or ASAP to resolve any issues or questions regarding enrollment.


You are responsible for looking for your substitute with ample time. 

  • View the lists of all the available people who can sub on Delclose under Teachers. 
    • These are the only people who can sub as they are currently teachers who are employed with Endgames Improv.
    • Click the “Copy All Emails” and bcc them in your email. 
  • Substitutes are responsible for clocking their own timesheets for the day they sub.
  • You can only get a sub for the full three hour class time, not partial classes. Do not split up a class day with another teacher.
  • If you know that you will need more than one sub for a particular seven-week class, we will not schedule you for that period.

If it is an emergency or no one is biting, please let Max and Scott know. The buck ultimately stops with us.


The payday is biweekly on Friday. Regular teaching is $30 per hour, $38 per hour for Thursday/Saturday/Sunday.  If we have a teacher's meeting, we pay you for that too. Graduation and meetings are paid at $30 per hour. You are responsible for reporting all your work hours on Delclose.

You are considered part-time employees and are covered under our workers' comp.

Grad Shows

These shows are scheduled near the first day of class. There is a lot of planning and logistics, so please respond as quickly as you can. Grad shows will occur sometime between 7-10 pm on Mon or 7-8 pm on Tue-Fri. You are usually alone except for a Stage Manager.

The Stage Manager is paid to open the venue 30 minutes before your show. They can run tech for you. You share responsibility with the Stage Manager to watch the front door, tech, and host (the class can host themselves too). Stage Manager will make sure the grad show ends on time and the audience loads out.

You are paid hourly for these hours worked. Please remember that this is paid work and you are responsible for the front lobby being watched.

Continuing On

When the grad shows are scheduled, we also set the next round of classes. We assume you are on board to teach the same day and time. We most likely will have you on the same level. We want teachers to become good at certain levels before trying a new level. You most likely will do the same 4-5 times at least. But sometimes we need you to take something else.

If you know you are going to miss 2 or more classes, it is best to email Kari and let her know you probably should be replaced. If you want a break, that is cool too. Just let us know early enough.

Max would like to meet with you if you are teaching a new level. We try to catch it but reach out to him if a new class is assigned to you.


Our classes will occasionally get postponed due to the classes not reaching the minimum requirement (10 students) as stated in the Student Policy. We try to postpone it as early as possible we know the chances of getting to 10 is very low as to give everyone enough time to adjust. We may end up waiting until the night before the scheduled first day before postponing if we are waiting on one to two more students to reach the minimum. 

In the event your class is postponed, we generally postpone it for one cycle (7 weeks) to keep it aligned with the other classes that day. Classes that occur on Monday, Saturday, or Sunday have a chance of being postponed for only a few weeks. 

If you would like to earn hourly income during this postponing period, we have plenty of stage managing shifts available (you must be trained) or you can pick up available drop-in classes. We also have occasional small jobs around our facilities, just check in with Kari to see if anything is available.

ETC Doors

ETC South and Prime both have gated entryways. Please make sure to unlock the gates and keep them open during the entire period of class.

ETC South has a keypad you can use a personal code during the class hours. Your students will also get a code they can use to enter the door if they are locked out so you do not have to rely on them calling you. Their code will only be usable 5 minutes before class and 35 minutes after. And during the break time between 8:15 and 8:45 pm (this just seemed to be the common time teachers took a break in the classes I, Kari, took).

ETC Prime also has a keypad, but it only has one code meant for Endgames Staff only. If you are located at this location, students will have to rely on your phone number if they are locked out.

  • Password clue: 3 z’d improv game, no spaces, no caps
  • Don’t get the clue? Ask Kari

Trash Bins and Other Small Duties

Maintaining the training centers to being presentable to the community is a group effort. The following is a checklist when closing up the ETC facilities.

  1. Ask students to pick up after themselves and put away the chairs. Check for anything left behind (cups, bottles, wrappers, etc). Lost and Found is in ETC South - Room B.
    • ETC South - Chairs hang on walls, 4 per arm.
    • ETC Prime - Chairs are pushed up against walls to ensure a clear pathway to all exits.
  2. If any of the smaller trash or recycling bins located in the rooms are looking full, please dump them in the large bins.
    • No plastic bags in large recycle and compost bins. 
  3. Tuesday is Large Trash Bin Night
    • Teachers who work on Tuesday night are responsible for pulling out all the LARGE trash, recycle, and compost bins outside to the curb before closing. 
      • ETC South - located in the front lobby.
      • ETC Prime - located towards the back on the way to the bathroom.
  4. Make sure all rooms and the hallway thermostats are turned off.
  • Cleaning Products
    • ETC S - Hallway Closet
      • There is a list of cleaning products located in the blue bin under the front desk.
      • Closet codes are located in the secret codes page.
    • ETC Prime
      • Broom, dust bin, vacuum, mop, and bucket are located to the left of the bathroom.
      • Use ETC South Closet for everything else you need.
    • In the event there are any spills or other large clean-ups, please use the cleaning products we have available.


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