Volunteer Policies

Terms and Agreements

By agreeing to trade your front of house services for an Endgames Improv class you are agreeing to the terms set forth in this document.



  • We trade one class for a certain number of your front of house service hours at the rate of the minimum wage per hour.
    • 16.5 hours of service per class priced at $249
    • 18.5 hours of service per class priced at $279.
    • 20 hours of service per class priced at $299.
  • Each trade may not be exact as the last shift can cause your hours to be under or over by an hour. All hours carry over to the next trade.
  • All your hours and class trades are recorded. We can provide your recorded hours and class trades upon request.
  • You must complete all required hours before being enrolled in the next class.
    • If you wish to discontinue this trade agreement before completing the required hours after enrollment, you must pay the remaining costs of the class you were enrolled in before continuing another class.
  • We do not offer trades for our half-price class retake deal.

Student Policy

  • By enrolling in a class for service trade, you are agreeing to the Student Policy and Conduct. Once enrolled, our Student Policy will apply to you.
    • Please note, this does not include the option for a money refund.
  • If you choose to withdrawal or change classes, the policy will apply to you and you may have to pay the processing fee depending on the timing you make the request.
    • Please see Student Policy for more details on the processing fees.

No Refunds

  • We do not issue any money refunds for service hours.
  • If you choose to not trade the service hours you provided for an Endgames Class or workshop within the foreseeable future, we will still keep your hours on hold to be used for a class or workshop trade in the future.
  • If you choose to never trade the service hours you have provided for an Endgames Class, your provided service hours will be forfeited to Endgames Improv.
  • Your provided service hours will be forfeited to Endgames Improv if you display any inappropriate conduct.




  • By volunteering, you agree to certain ground rules pertaining to inappropriate conduct. Please read over the Volunteer Conduct form.
    • Violating our rules of conduct may result in forfeiting this trade agreement and class enrollment.


  • You will have the opportunity to Sign Up for Shifts. These shifts are not confirmed until the monthly schedule is posted.
  • Once the schedule is out, you have 2 days to spot any conflicts and report them back to the Volunteer Coordinator to get them changed.
  • Swaps and covers must be approved by the Volunteer Coordinator and updated on the schedule.
  • You are expected to show up on time and work all the shows on your scheduled shifts (with the exception of Grad Shows or otherwise specified by the Volunteer Coordinator).


  • Shifts can last from 2 to 5 hours depending on the number of shows.
  • Your call time is almost always 15 minutes before the first show (30 minutes for your first shift) unless stated otherwise.
  • Our Volunteer Guide covers how to work the shifts.
  • Breaks during shows.
    • We encourage you to bring something to do whilst shows are in progress as long as it does not make noise. Please bring headsets if it does.
    • You usually are able to watch the shows. Please ask your Stage Manager for more details.
    • You are more than welcome to take a step outside during shows. Please ask your Stage Manager for more details.
    • Because of this flexibility, you are agreeing that you are not entitled to take an undisturbed 10-minute or 30-minute break during your shifts.

No-Show Policy

  • Not showing up for your shift and not finding coverage counts as a no-show.
    • We understand unexpected emergencies can happen and we will handle these on a case by case basis.
  • We have a two strikes rule for no-shows.
    • If you are a no-show for two of your shifts, you are forfeiting this trade agreement.


  • We encourage everyone to perform as much as possible! We do ask that you confirm your swap or coverage with the Volunteer Coordinator before accepting any performing opportunities on the night you are scheduled.
  • You will not be able to host a show or perform during your scheduled shifts.
  • Accepting a performance opportunity is not grounds for missing a shift. It will be counted as a no-show.


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