Your Fucked Up Relationship 10:30pm Vouchers

  1. Vouchers can be found underneath the front lobby desk in the lower locked Endgames portion. 
  2. You should have 6 groups of vouchers: groups 1-5 in different colors and a sixth group which is the waitlist.
  3. Using groups 1-5 (not the waitlist), count out 100 vouchers trying to make the groups as even as possible. Some groups may have less than 20 vouchers. Make other groups slightly larger to get to 100.
  4. Vouchers are not handed out until 9:15p. Please do not hand out vouchers before 9:15p. We don't want to condition our audience to come any earlier. We have to load in the 9p show and cannot be multitasking when that is happening.
  5. Plenty of people will come early though, have them line up on the right side of Stage Werx (heading towards 15th St) and tell them we will hand out vouchers at 9:15p.
  6. At the same time, people might be showing up early for the 9p show. Have them stand on the left side of Stage Werx (heading towards 16th St).
  7. Explain the system to everyone who receives a voucher (wristband):
  8. If people do stay around, we need to ask them to be in an ordered line on the left of the doors (towards 16th), against the wall and not drinking alcohol.
  9. The previous show will let out around 10:10 pm. Make sure there is an open walkway for pedestrians at all times. Please ask people to make a gap between the wall and the curb.
  10. At 10:20p, walk down the line and ask for all group 1s to line up on the right side of Stage Werx (towards 15ths). This is the boarding group.
  11. Everyone in the boarding group now needs to be informed of the premise of the show:
  12. When the stage manager gives the thumbs up, let in the first group. Collect the vouchers for use next week.
  13. Go down the line again and ask for the next group and all previous groups in case someone arrived late. Repeat step 11. 
  14. At 10:35p and no earlier, let in the waitlist line in the order their tickets indicate. 
  15. Make sure the names get to a cast member of the show before it starts.


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