Tech Booth Setup

Turning on Electronics:

  1. MAIN POWER: In the front right corner lives a black rack case.There is one 1U Furman power rack that looks similar to the image below. It is a power sequencer and turns on/off electrical plugs in order with a delay. It is the only device that says "Delay 1", "Dalay 2", and "Delay 3". Turn it on. When on, it will take 20-30 seconds for each "Delay" light to glow.
  2. AMBIENT LIGHT: There are two 1U Furman power conditions with protuding cylyndrical lights. It is a high end power strip. They should be glowing with a volt meter around 120. There is a "Lamp Dimmer" knob on each. If you push the knob, the cylindrical tubes will glow for easier viewing.

  3. COMPUTERS: Turn on two separate 2U server computers that look similar to the image below. One is the Lights computer and the other the Video computer. When on, each will have a glowing LED light.
  4. MONITORS: Turn on four monitors. Two monitors sitting in the middle of the table and the two monitors vertically stacked on the right side of the window. When on, each should have a glowing LED light. 
  5. PROJECTOR AND MORE AMBIENT LIGHT: In the front wall in the right corner lives a switchable power strip mounted to the wall. Turn on the switch labeled Epson Projector and the two clip lights. When on, two blue clip lights will make seeing in the booth easier. There is no visual confirmation that the projector is on at this point.
  6. HOUSE LIGHTS: On the front wall to the right of the window at forehead height, there is a circular dim-able switch. Press to turn on the house lights. Turn to change dim levels. When on, you will see the audience seats lit up with ceiling lights that are recessed into cylindrical housings.
  7. STAGE LIGHTS: At waist-height on the right wall, turn on the six wall switches labeled 1,2,3,4,X,Y. When on, there will be small blue squares glowing when you look at the lights hung from the ceiling
  8. STAGE LIGHTS: At forehead level on the back wall, turn on the two switches found on the lower Leprecon Dimmer Pack. When on, the switches will glow.
  9. FAN (OPTIONAL): On the front wall to the right of the window at forehead height, there is a switch labeled fan. When on, the fan will be rotating above the highest rows of seats.

Controlling Lights:

  1. Using the touch screens sitting on the table to control the Lights computer, login with the username and password 'lights'.
  2. Open QLC+ (yellow bulb icon) and load the QLC+ lights file. Navigate to 'Virtual Board' with the bottom tabs and click the green play button in the upper right corner. When done, the lights should come on when a button on screen is pressed.

Playing Audio:

  1. Using the mouse/keyboard and vertically stacked monitors to control the Video computer, login with the username and password 'video'.
  2. Open up Spotify (green icon with curved black lines) and play a song/playlist.
  3. Move the left/right master faders on the audio mixer to the 'U' indicator. Move the 'Video Comp' fader up. When successful, music will begin to play.

Displaying with the Projector:

  1. On the lip of the window, there will be an gray Epson controller. Hit the power button while holding it close to the window Plexiglas. When on, you will hear a faint beep and the screen will begin to project after about 30 seconds.
  2. On the lip of the window, there is a a black projector screen remote. There are three buttons: up, pause, down. Push it against the Plexiglas and press it down. When success, the screen will slowly begin to move.
  3. On the Video computer, any image on the upper screen will be displayed on the projector. Open Chrome browser and select "Audience Load In" from bookmarks. Make full screen and hit play if necssary. When successful, the projector should be slowly cycling through promo slides.

 Turning Off:

  1. Turn off Video and Lights computer. Wait until they are fully off before moving on.
  2. Turn off all monitors.
  3. Turn off the 1U Furman power sequencer
  4. Turn off the house lights, fan, stage light wall switches, Leprecon, Epson projector, and ambient clip lights.
  5. Roll up projector screen.


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