Stage Manager Responsibilities

Your Mission

As Stage Manager for Endgames, you ensure the success of a night of shows. The performers and volunteers rely on you to make sure everyone has what they need. You are the boss of the theater for the night, and help producers to be sure their shows are top quality.

  1. Keep the shows running on the schedule
  2. Make sure nothing keeps audiences from having a great time 
  3. Run tech or make sure someone is there to do so
  4. Wear radio headsets and operate the control center

Before Your Show

Training from Ty

You need to do her training. You don’t need the training to operate the lights and sound in the booth, but you do need to be trained to turn the system on and off, and to access the building.

Contact List

Volunteers all get access to this, so we need your phone number to fill it out with. There are no access controls.


Day of Your Show

Note that if there is no stage manager on any given night, the producer takes over many of these roles.

Managing volunteers

Volunteers should get information about what they’re expected to do from the volunteer coordinator, but not everyone reads everything, so don’t assume they know what they should do. It’s your job to be sure they’re doing what they need to.

  • Check delclose to see who your volunteers are and you can check in with them before the show using the contact list.
  • Call time for volunteers is 15 minutes before the start time of the first show they work (30 minutes for their first day). If they don’t show up, please let the volunteer coordinator know (Kari McCullough)
  • Volunteers should handle selling tickets, shirts, and checking in presales at the front before shows start.
  • During the show, they need to stay within earshot of the door in case people need to be let in but are free to watch the show from the hallway if the lights are off and the door is open in the lobby.
  • After the show, volunteers should help clean up.

Tech booth (producer’s choice; could be you or someone the producer has chosen)

The tech booth needs to be set up for every show. Most of this is covered in Ty’s training, and the handy picture book should get you through the lights set up. There are a couple of things that need to happen at each show.

  • Set up the projector and run the slides. This is how we advertise classes and keep people coming back.
  • Turn the slides off for your show, but they can be turned on for the next one.
  • Playhouse music! It’s nice and keeps the energy up in the audience.
  • You can do announcements from the booth over the god mic, but this is up to the producer.

Front lobby 

The front lobby is where we keep all the basics you need to run your show. You can unlock the cabinet and get the ticket sales set up in a couple of minutes.

  • Set up the tablet. It can be used to check people in on Eventbrite, sell them tickets on Square, sell them t-shirts on Square, and it has a quick link to the Static page of delclose. The unlock code is available in the secret codes page. Ask Kari.
  • Count the cash box out. It should have $200 in it at all times. It’s for change, so if it starts to look like it’s mostly $20 bills, inform Scott, Max, or Kari.
  • T-shirts will be available to sell for $15. You can sell these with the Square reader (should be attached to the tablet). At the moment, we do not have any available as all are currently located at ETC South and locked up.
  • You can leave the duty of running your lobby to a volunteer.

Hosting (maybe)

Because techs in the booth can host with the god mic, you may be called upon to make announcements. There are only a couple requirements of things that must be said by every host:

  • Mention the website; i.e. “You can find out more about us at”
  • Mention the classes; i.e. “If you enjoyed what you saw here tonight, and want to try it yourself, Endgames teaches classes. New ones start almost every week.”
  • Mention the other shows; i.e. “We have shows here six nights a week.”
  • We provide a spiel to make it easy if you need it.

Ending shows on time

We have to run a pretty tight ship to make sure everyone gets enough stage time. Every show should end with 5-10 minutes of passing time between shows. That means an 8 pm show needs to let out at 8:50 or so. If you have multiple teams performing, you really need to start on time to give them both a good solid 20-25 minutes.

Shutting down the theater

Stage Managers (or producers in their absence, or any other person approved by Ty in the absence of both) are responsible for shutting the theater down. Even though anyone can run the tech booth, only trained people can shut it down. This means properly closing down the tech booth, handling garbage, cleaning up the seats, stage, and green room, turning off all lights, locking all doors, and ensuring no one is left inside. A checklist can be accessed.

Shutting down the lobby

The front lobby cabinet is for Endgames stuff only, and so we need to shut that down as well. This is a responsibility of the Stage Manager or Producer. They can delegate someone else as well.

  • Make sure the tablet is plugged in and stowed inside
  • Make sure the cash box is stowed inside with $200 in it
  • Take all the remaining cash up the stairs and put it in an envelope and then into the box
  • Make sure all of our business cards are stowed inside
  • Make sure all of our t-shirts are stowed inside
  • Be absolutely sure the lock is locked; spin the tumblers and give it a good pull to be sure


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