House Team Responsibilities

Show Slot

Endgames provides a performance space and time slot. This is agreed upon ahead of time, and all renewals are contingent upon both the team and the company (generally the Artistic Director) agreeing to renew. Teams do not pay for this performance time.

Note that each house team show has a producer who is responsible for the show. If the producer fails in their responsibilities, the show may be altered or canceled, at no fault of the team.


Endgames believes that dedication to practices drives better shows. House team members must be committed to practicing at least two out of every three weeks, including holidays and travel and everything. It is the responsibility of the team's director to take action if there is a problem with attendance at practices.

Spending time together outside of practice is also valuable, and encouraged. In lieu of practices, teams can and should spend time together. The generally agreed upon cadence is one hang out for every three to four practices.

We expect there to be enough people at every show to put on a good set. That means all the team members need to have a similar commitment to the shows. While every team and every show is different, small subsets of a team aren't likely to be as successful. When performers are absent, the team should make an effort to find people to fill in.

Practice Space

Endgames provide a practice space (generally on weekends) at a fixed time and location. Only one space per show, not one for each team. There is no fee to rent the space, it's provided by the company for as long as the show runs.


House teams must have a coach or a director, and the AD should sign off on any change in this position. A coach or director should be present for each practice. If the usual coach is not available, teams should find a substitute (this doesn't need to be approved by the AD), or use the time to hang out as a team. House Team members pay their coach whatever fee they agree to together.


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