House Team Policies

House Team Program


A unified program for members to develop their skills and have regular stage time. 



Endgames Improv’s mission has always been to offer as much stage time as possible to as many performers as possible. Endgames’ house team program aims to further this mission by holding open auditions, multiple times per year. All are welcome to audition, regardless of their affiliation with Endgames. These auditions may be casting entire new teams or filling open positions on existing ones, or both at the same time.


Endgames holds quarterly auditions. Announcements of an open enrollment period will be made in the facebook community group, email newsletter, and website blog. During the open enrollment period, participants may sign up to audition for house teams. The number of audition spots will be at least 3 times the number of house team seats to fill. Each one-hour time slot will allow for up to 10 audition spots. Optionally, during sign up, auditioners may indicate which time slots they are able to attend.

Auditions last several hours, but each participant is assigned a 1-hour time slot during which they will audition. We make an effort to offer auditioners the time slot of their choice but cannot guarantee that. If more people sign up for auditions than we have open slots, a lottery system will determine who gets the slots. 

Selection Process

Our selection process is driven by our mission statement ( and -- if there is history -- past attendance and behavior on house teams. In the case that we are casting new teams, a team of at least 4 adjudicators will observe the auditions and deliberate after to make the selections. If any individual team is filling open spots, those teams’ coaches may also be present to make those selections.

All those unable to audition in-person (whether by choice, lack of schedule availability, or failure to capture a spot through the lottery) will still have their name provided to the adjudication team for consideration. However, this consideration is limited to adjudication team’s previous interactions, if any. 


Endgames will send a notification email to all participants who were selected for at least one seat within one week of the audition date. Those with multiple offers will be allowed to select their choice. We request that all decisions be made by email within 48-hours of being informed to allow us to move on to later rounds of notifications. 

Community Participants

Endgames welcomes other community shows, teams, and theaters to sit in and watch. These other groups should have an active need for members. At any point up until one week before the audition date, these groups can email to let us know how many seats they are filling and terms of a resulting offer. We will use these numbers to open up more audition slots. To ensure that all offers are sent in the same time frame, a single notification email will be sent by Endgames.

Failure to regularly extend offers in accordance to your stated needs or circumventing the notification process can result in not being welcomed back.  

Member Expectations


For all team members to get the most out of the House Team Program, members agree to expectations and terms. 

Duration, Practices, and Shows

A performer’s enrollment with a House Team lasts for a 6-month period. Endgames provides a schedule of practice dates and shows before extending an offer. For new teams, Coaches unilaterally set the schedule of practices. Each 6 month period will have 20 scheduled practices. For existing teams, Coaches and continuing members will create a schedule based on availability. A practice must have a minimum of 5 members present to be held. While not guaranteed, Endgames will try to make accommodations when low attendance threatens practices by swapping with unused dates. 

At the first practice of a six month cycle, team members will compare schedules to see if any shows will have low attendance. A House Team’s shows occur on a previously agreed cadence (weekly / biweekly / other). Due to schedule restraints and marketing materials, shows cannot be rescheduled. Coaches will schedule sit-ins for low attendance shows. 

All payment for House Teams follow the standard Payment and Refund policy for Endgames Improv found in our student policies.


Each six month period of enrollment will cost $400 to the performer. Payments will be made in advance through the Endgames website. No practices or shows can be attended before payment is complete. Performers who have financial hardship can apply for scholarships by contacting


Unlike a class, no one passes or fails a House Team. However, Endgames knows that there are healthy levels of participation when fostering teams that take risks on stage together. For House Team members, a healthy cadence is an attendance of 50% or more of the practices and shows. Low attendance will be taken into consideration upon team renewals for the next period.

Renewal and Non-renewal

Members who are a good fit for teams and in good standing will be offered a seat for the next period. There is no limit to the length of a sitting member. Offers to continue are made by the coach of the show before enrollment for the upcoming audition opens, and must be accepted (by making a payment) or declined (default, if no selection is elected) by the time open enrollment closes.   

Should a coach determine a team member does not fit well with a team or show, their seat will not be renewed. Endgames may offer a transfer to a different team if a better fit exists. No matter the reason for non-renewal, all those who have been on past teams are welcome to audition again. 

Behavior and Conduct

All members agree to follow the Endgames Code of Conduct and their own teams Agreement of Play. When attending practices and shows, members are expected to participate in good faith. 


In extreme cases where members violate the Code of Conduct, team’s Agreement of Play, or other serious issue, Endgames may remove a member and pro-rata refund for the remainder of the period. Pro-rata calculation is based on total practices and shows (equal weighting) that have occured in the period. Team members removed in this fashion will not be welcome to audition again.

Coach Expectations


An employee of Endgames who can provide a vision for the show and instruction for the team and individual member needs. Handles or works with other employees to handle all administration needed for the team. (Attendance, scheduling, watching shows, finding substitutes when necessary, determining which team members are extended offers, attending auditions.) Although there is no obligation, we are looking for those who are around at least two periods


This is a non-exhausive list of requirements for coaches of Endgames House Teams. This list may be modified or updated as we learn more about this program.

  • Be an employee (W2) or contractor hired by Endgames (1099)
  • Be passionate about the show hook or format the show performs
  • Attend at least 14 of 20 practices per six-month cycle
  • Prepare curriculum for practices (up to 30 minutes per practice)
  • Arrange substitute teachers and provide them with practice agenda
  • Watch the House Team’s performances, either live or recorded (this time is compensated as well, up to 2 shows per month)
  • Review of House Team policies
  • Help the team form the Agreement of Play.


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