Producer Responsibilities

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Your Mission

Before Your Show

  • Delclose
  • Eventbrite
  • Pricing and Seating Limit
  • Contact List
  • Promotions, Marketing, and Discounts
  • Walkthroughs and Rehearsal Space

Day of Your Show

  • Managing teams
  • Starting and Ending on Time
  • Hosting
  • Other Good to Knows


Definition of a Producer

Every team/show requires their own producer. You are a Producer once you book your show with Endgames. You are the point person who will work with the Artistic Directors to produce your show at Endgames Improv. Endgames Improv does not provide a producer to take on the Producer responsibilities for your show.

Your Mission

Being a Producer for Endgames means you own your show. It’s your idea, it’s your vision, and it’s your responsibility. You make your show as successful as you can. Here are some tenets.

  1. Make your show visible on the internet
  2. Be sure your show is hosted well
  3. Give performing teams everything they need to succeed
  4. Run your show so it succeeds 

We have more information about being a producer in this article, which is more philosophical and less pragmatic.


Before Your Show

Show Details

Kari will add your show to Eventbrite and Delclose (our website) once your show is booked. In order to get this done, please email her your show photo/poster and show details as soon as possible.


Access this website (powered by a database we built) to see and update your show. We named it delclose because we’re improv nerds.

  • Get Access! We use your Google email address for access, so you’ll need to provide that to Scott. You don’t have a password with us, just with Google.
  • Delclose is the Sole Source Of Truth for shows.
    • If something isn’t on delclose, it’s not happening. If a show is on Eventbrite, but not on delclose, it’s not happening.
    • If your show is on delclose, Stage Managers and Front of House use it to track their schedules, and we use it to promote on social media.
  • Edits. 
    • Do not add or delete shows. This is solely an AD responsibility, so please don’t.
    • You can edit Name, Teams, Ticket url, Event url, Image url, and Description.
    • You can not edit Venue, Date, Time, Price, or the Roles.

Eventbrite Access

We sell tickets on Eventbrite. You are responsible for updating and maintaining your show’s Eventbrite listing. Access is controlled by one email address and password. Producers all use the same one. If your show is free, you don’t need to put it on Eventbrite.

  • Username -
  • Ask Max or Kari for the password

How to update your event on Eventbrite:

  1. Sign in with our username, click "Manage Events" in the upper right corner, and search your show name.
  2. You can edit your show from here and view your show's sales.
  3. We have a no refund policy and handle all attendee requests.
    • What's the refund policy? All sales are final and non-refundable. Transferring Credit is not possible. We do not respond to these requests.
      • This should be displayed in the show details. Please do not remove this notice.
  4. Only things to edit:
    • Show details (except refund policy)
    • Show image
  5. DO NOT edit the Organizer information or the Facebook/Twitter link as this will cause all the other event pages to change. This information should be Endgames Improv info only.

Pricing and Seating limit.

  • Stage Werx
    • Limit your Eventbrite tickets to 75 so you don't oversell, and the price should be set to $10 for shows on Monday - Thursday unless otherwise discussed. And $15 on Friday and Saturday.
  • ETC South
    • Tickets should be set at 30 and pricing at $10.


Contact List

Stage Managers all get access to this, so I need your phone number to fill it out with. There are no access controls. Contact list.

Promotions and marketing

You're responsible for promoting your show. We promote what is on delclose using the info you provide.

  • Facebook events are awesome, but not mandatory. Create an event using your own Facebook page if you have one and can invite Endgames to cohost.
    • You can also ask for access to the Endgames Facebook page to make them directly.
    • For some other ideas, check out our three-part article (part 1, part 2, part 3) on the Endgames Blog.
  • Newsletter. Keep an eye out for an email Kari sends monthly if you want your show mentioned in the monthly Endgames Newsletter.
  • When marketing, remember that it's important to mention Endgames.
    • All of us promoting our shows brings more attention to everyone. A rising tide, and all that. To make that easier, you can get hi-res Endgames logos and our font (Eagle) in this folder.
  • Discounts.
    • We offer online discounts through Goldstar for weekly or bi-weekly shows only. If you want to offer a discount, we do have "Buy One, Get Two Tickets" cards and free ticket cards you can hand out to be used at the door only. Contact for more details.

Walkthroughs and Rehearsal Space

  • We can try to schedule a 15-minute walkthrough at ETC South for producers/shows new to ETC South. 
    • This is not a guaranteed feature since we do not always have staff on site.
    • Kari is generally at ETC South most Thursdays, 12 to 6:45 pm. Contact her at to schedule a walkthrough.
  • Rehearsals. We encourage everyone to practice/rehearse which is why we rent out our rooms at affordable prices.

Day of Your Show

**You will be provided one Stage Manager and at least one Front of House person to run your show. Front of House persons is not a guarantee.

Below is the list for your show day responsibilities. We included the Stage Managers responsibilities too so you can stay in the loop in case you assist.

Managing teams (producer)

Teams are your responsibility as producer.

  • Make sure they show up on time, get them in the green room and help them with anything they need.
  • Work with a stage manager to let them know when they can expect the show to start.
  • If a team can’t perform on a given night, it’s up to the producer to accommodate.
    • Ultimate responsibility falls on the artistic director, so work with them if this becomes a problem.

Starting and Ending shows On Time (stage manager, producer)

  • Every show should start on time and end with 5-10 minutes of passing time between shows.
    • That means an 8 pm show needs to let out at 8:50. If you have multiple teams performing, you really need to start on time to give them both a good solid 20-25 minutes.
  • Arriving at least 15 minutes before the show helps the Stage Manager start on time.
    • This gives enough time for the performers to quickly prep and to communicate any tech/show/music needs with the Stage Manager. Help us help you.
  • No show should continue into the 5-minute window between shows.
    • Stage Managers are authorized to end the show, even if the blackout isn't good, even if the show is still in progress, to avoid this. 

Hosting (producer)

The hosts of the show and the style of hosting are up to the producer. Techs in the booth can host with the god mic, or performers can host from the stage, or you can book a specific host just for your show. There are only a couple requirements of things that must be said by every host:

  • Mention the website; i.e. “You can find out more about us at”
  • Mention the classes; i.e. “If you enjoyed what you saw here tonight, and want to try it yourself, Endgames teaches classes. New ones start almost every week.”
  • Mention the other shows; i.e. “We have shows five nights a week.”


Front lobby (stage manager)

The front lobby is where we keep all the basics you need to run your show.

  • Stage Werx
    • The code for the lock 22-08-22.
    • Set up the tablet. It can be used to check people in on Eventbrite, sell them tickets on Square, sell them t-shirts on Square, and it has a quick link to the Static page of delclose. The unlock code is 0318.
    • Count the cash box out. It should have $200 in it at all times. It’s for change, so if it starts to look like it’s mostly $20 bills, inform Scott and Max.
    • You can leave the duty of running your lobby to the Front of House person.
  • ETC South
    • Tablet is on the front desk.
    • Cashbox is in the closet. Ask Kari, Max, or Scott for the code.
    • Everything else is the same set up as Stage Werx.

Managing Front of House (stage manager)

Front of House persons should get information about what they’re expected to do from the FOH coordinator.

  • Call times vary from 15 to 45 minutes before the first show depending on which day it is. If they don’t show up, please let the FOH coordinator know (
  • Front of House should handle selling tickets, shirts, and checking in presales at the front before shows start.
  • During the show, they need to stay within earshot of the door in case people need to be let in but are free to watch the show from the hallway if the lights are off and the door is open in the lobby.
  • After the show, Front of House should help clean up.

Tech booth (stage manager)

Note that if you want someone other than the Stage Manager to run tech, they can. If you'd like training, reach out to Kari McCullough.

The tech booth needs to be set up for every show (ETC S and Stage Werx have different layouts, same tech). There are a couple of things that need to happen at each show.

  • Set up the projector and run the slides. This is how we advertise classes and keep people coming back.
  • Turn the slides off for your show, but they can be turned on for the next one.
  • Play the house music! It’s nice and keeps the energy up in the audience.
  • You can do announcements from the booth over the god mic, but this is up to the producer.


Shutting down the theater (stage manager)

Stage Managers are responsible for shutting the theaters down unless approved by Kari, Max, or Scott.

  • Even though anyone can run the tech booth, only trained people can shut it down. This means properly closing down the tech booth, handling garbage, cleaning up the seats, stage, and green room, turning off all lights, locking all doors, and ensuring no one is left inside.
  • A checklist can be accessed.

Shutting down the lobby (stage manager)

The front lobby cabinet is for Endgames stuff only, and so we need to shut that down as well. This is a responsibility for the Stage Manager or Producer. They can delegate someone else as well.

  • Make sure the tablet is plugged in and stowed away.
  • Make sure the cash box is stowed away with $200 in it.
  • Drop all remaining cash.
  • Make sure all other Endgames items are stowed away.
  • Be absolutely sure the lock is locked; spin the tumblers and give it a good pull to be sure.


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