House Harold Team Responsibilities


  1. Mission Statement
    1. The Harold house team program exists to foster graduates from the Endgames core improv curriculum and be an extension of the core educational path
  2. Eligibility
    1. To be a team member, one must complete the Endgames curriculum, including 501 - The Harold
  3. Benefits
    1. Team may switch to any time available in Endgames facilities with approval from Directors
    2. Team may request an alternate coach with approval from Directors
    3. House Harold Team members are permitted to teach drop-in workshops
    4. House Harold Team members receive a bio on the website (when feature is ready)
    5. House Harold Team shows are listed on website
    6. House Harold Team receives 3 hours of practice space a week
    7. House Harold Team is assigned a coach
  4. Duration and Release
    1. Referencing the past status as an Engames House Harold Team is acceptable
    2. Team may choose to stay together and, if available, to continue renting the same practice time slot from Endgames
    3. House Harold Teams have a planned life of 1 year from formation
    4. Teams may be released early. Early release may be based upon (but not limited to) show quality, adherence to practice standards, conduct, and general standing in the community
    5. Teams may be disbanded if total team numbers drop below six
    6. Teams may voluntarily disband at will
    7. After release, Team is welcome to continue under the same name, but any official ongoing connection to Endgames needs to be removed from future promotion
  5. Practice and Performance
    1. House teams must practice weekly with coach or a substitute (not a member of the team)
    2. On average, one social outing a month in lieu of practice encouraged and considered a practice
    3. Practice must occur on average 3-4 times a month. Teams are required to practice 37 times a year
    4. Team must have a minimum of 5 members at each practice and performance
  6. Semi-Annual Payments
    1. Endgames Improv requires semi-annually non-refundable payments to help pay for team coach and overhead costs.
    2. Members of the team must pay payments of $240 each twice a year to continue practicing and performing with the team.
    3. Payments must be made by the due date in order to continue.
  7. Media
    1. Endgames has the right to use photos, video, and audio of House Harold Team performances/practices in promotional material


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