Endgames Shows FAQ

Where are your shows?

Almost all of Endgames shows take place at Stage Werx at 446 Valencia St. You can see our whole show calendar on our website.

Do you sell alcohol?

Stage Werx doesn't sell alcohol, so Endgames shows have none for sale.

How early should I arrive?

Our shows start at the listed time, and doors open a few minutes beforehand. Some of our more popular shows tend to attract a line, so if you want good seats it's recommended you show up 15 minutes early. Friday night's Your F!#&ed Up Relationship show usually fills up, so you may want to be even 30 minutes early.

How can I perform?

Endgames offers class shows to those who graduate our classes. We also have jams, where anyone at all can get on stage. Check out community favorite, the Up Till Midnight Jam. Most of our house teams are composed of graduates of the Endgames training center, so the best thing to do is to sign up for classes and become a part of our community!


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