Endgames Improv Work Study Program

Want to learn to improvise like a pro? Want to be a part of a supportive community of performers diving in to "Yes and"? Endgames Improv is a growing improv theater company in San Francisco currently looking for students interested in becoming work study volunteers in exchange for free tuition for our level one or sketch writing class. Level one is a perfect class for beginners and experienced improvisers to develop skills for group mind and honing skills on actively listening and responding and organically building characters. The EndGames Improv Sketch Writing Workshop is the perfect place to get an introduction to sketch writing, and a great place for those who already know something about the form to practice their skills. This course will not only help you flesh out and punch up your sketch ideas, but also push you to learn different styles. In seven weeks, we'll cover political sketches, blackouts, commercial parody, and techniques for writing for shows such as Saturday Night Live. By the final class, you will have a solid beginning for a professional comedy writing portfolio. 

Our work study volunteers work the door at our Thursday and Friday night shows, (which are usually in the Mission or Union Square/TL area), as well as helping with graduation shows and other special shows. Work-study volunteers may also be asked to help Producers backstage, in the sound/lights booth, or with special tasks during the shows. They gain front-of-house experience with a growing improv theater company, have the opportunity to closely interact with our producers, and are a very, very, very important part of our program.

Most shifts run from either 7-9:30PM or 9:30PM-Midnight, although there may be an occasional change in those hours. Sessions run seven weeks.

Anyone who is interested in becoming EndGames Improv work study volunteer for this upcoming session needs to submit a letter of interest to by this Sunday, June 15th at midnight. The letter doesn't need to be super formal, but, it should include any special skills and/or experience you can bring to the table, as well as telling us about your interest in improv. You should also include the class you plan to take. Selection will be based on the letters.

If you have any more questions, please send them our way! We look forward to hearing from you.

Student Perspectives:

I just graduated from my level 1 class at Endgames and I cannot wait for level 2 to start, which pretty much goes to say that I LOVED my first class. Over the seven weeks we went from a bunch of nerve-raddled people who felt weird playing warm up games to a bunch of nerve-rattled people fully prepared to put on a 30 minute show.

 * * * 

I had mixed feelings about taking improv because I was anxious and didn't think I could learn ways to be comedic on stage, but I am so happy I decided to take the plunge and enroll. If you're on the fence and reading this, I hope this pushes you closer to taking a class because I'm certain you'll have a very positive experience both in the class and at the Endgames performances on Thursdays and Fridays.

 * * * I just graduated and performed with my amazing classmates from Improv I this past Sunday and what an inspiring experience!

 * * * 

I signed up for this class during an impulse of insanity and bravery and was very aware of both my excitement and nervousness in doing so. But I wanted to stretch myself in 2014, and let's say this fit the bill. Besides getting me outside of my comfort zone, our class was:

1) Applicable in my work - I loved the "group mind" and team building warm ups and have used a couple as ice breakers/energizers in my own work as a meeting facilitator

2) Great practice on really being "present" to whatever is happening, rather than trying to control the situation with a plan to be funny or how to respond, and therefore, being open to the possibilities

3) About non-judgement, collaboration, and team building - learning and growing together by trusting and supporting each other in scenes

4) Hella humbling and challenging as well as fun and rewarding

5) An incredible lesson on being vulnerable, taking risks, and perhaps, living a little bit bolder and better for it


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