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Improv is a group activity that is optimized for a creative and supportive learning environment. Absences impede your growth as an improviser and in turn, affect your ability to support your fellow players in the class and during your graduation show. If you can not attend the majority (five out of seven) of the scheduled classes, we recommend you wait until a course cycle you can fully commit to is available.
Endgames understands that emergencies do happen so absences are allowed, but to maintain course integrity we do not recommend more than TWO absences. Upon a third absence, you will not be allowed to graduate to the next level of study or participate in the grad show.
Missing more than 30 minutes of a class is considered an absence towards your allowable maximum.

Show Requirement

A large part of learning improv is to watch live improv. In order to move on to the next level, one of your requirements is to see TWO improv shows in the SF Bay Area while your class is in session and before your graduation performance. If you do not see your two show requirement before your graduation performance, while you may still participate in your graduation show, you will NOT be allowed to move on to the next level.

Free Show Admission for Students

Performers grow fastest when they are watching shows. To help with that end, current Endgames students are provided with free admission when available! Reserving a ticket online is not possible, it is first come, first served. The ticket table has a list of all students, you'll only have to identify yourself.

Most shows during the week do not sell out. You are all but guaranteed a seat. Friday and Saturday shows run the risk of selling out. 15 minutes before a show starts, we will release all unsold seats to students. If we have tickets sold, but unclaimed, we will wait until 5 minutes after the show starts before releasing those tickets at our discretion.

Graduation Show

Due to future scheduling needs, the graduation show is not scheduled before class starts and may come several weeks into class. Once scheduled, the graduation show may be on a day and time you are unable to be available. Due to the complexity, we are unable to accommodate requests for moving the graduation show.


Endgames Improv believes that all students have the right to learn and hone their improv in a clean, supportive and non-threatening environment In order to establish this for the entire class, students are asked to agree to certain ground rules pertaining to inappropriate conduct. Inappropriate conduct includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Consumption of drugs or alcohol during class
  2. Damage to physical class space (including but not limited to walls, chairs, lights, stages, and doors)
  3. Inappropriate verbal, physical or sexual conduct with other students or the course instructor
  4. Bringing uninvited guests to class

Inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated and will result in suspension and removal from the course abiding to the refund policy stated below. To report any ethical or policy violations, Endgames Improv maintains an anonymous reporting line.

We ask students to participate in creating an inclusive, welcoming environment. Classrooms are not a fit place for exploring topics that may be uncomfortable. Drug abuse, child abuse, rape, animal cruelty, and sex are topics which need to be treated with care and are best avoided in a classroom. Mocking physical and mental disabilities or conditions, sexual orientation, race or gender is inappropriate and will be addressed by teachers.

Improv is a spontaneous art form, and learning involves exploration. We ask for a good faith effort to be aware of your classmates and to help everyone thrive in an environment focused on learning.

Making Up a Class Day

If you miss a class or will miss a class, we are happy to try and accommodate you to sit in on a different class to make up the day. Making up a class is not a guaranteed feature of our class offerings. Please do not rely on it for making up an absence. Especially not a third absence, thereby being necessary to pass the class per our attendance policy. Only one day per class can be made up.

In order to make up a class the following conditions need to exists:

  • There needs to exist a second class of the same level for which you are taking that started during the same week. (Not all classes have parallel classes. Sorry, we are unable to manage the logistics of making up a class weeks before or after in a separate cycle.)
  • You need to receive permission by contacting
  • You must make up the same week of the class. Plan ahead if you are in the later class.

We will be glad to assist with any of these bullet points. Please email us at 

Automatic Passing Not Guaranteed

We want all students to move through the levels quickly and easily, and we value your success. While infrequent, we do reserve the right to ask a student to retake a prerequisite before moving on to a higher level. In the event we exercise this option, please know that it comes from a place of love to help you develop as a performer and community member. We will gladly provide you with feedback as to why we made the decision.

Discounts to Retake a Level

We want to support our community as much as possible. The more our performers grow and learn, the better the SF improv scene becomes. Therefore we allow you to retake classes for half their price.

In order to retake a class at half price, the following must occur:

  • You already took the class regardless of passing.
  • You have not signed up already at full price. Only sign up at full price if you want a guaranteed spot. (Sorry, we can't be tasked with telling you when it is getting full.)
  • The class has not sold out.
  • We post an announcement on our Facebook Group when are opening up half price sales for a class.

We can also send you a direct email if you let us know in advance what classes you would like to retake. Just email us at

Change of Class Configuration

By signing up for a class you agree to the times and curriculum being offered. Unfortunately, teacher and location are not guaranteed and may change. A change to a teacher or location is not grounds for refund or deferment. The location will never change to outside of the original city limits (ex. San Francisco is always San Francisco, Oakland is always Oakland).

Our teachers are only human. They all work day jobs too. For reasons out of Endgames control, we may need to swap a teacher out after you have signed up for a class.

Location of the class may also change. Some properties are in our control, but others are not and changes may be necessary. A wide variety of issues (repair, abrupt shut down of venue, power issues, double booking) may cause us to scramble for a new location.

We know this affects you and may be an inconvenience. We try to make all changes before advertising a class. If that isn't possible, we try to make all changes before the first class. And as a last resort, we try to communicate all changes as early as possible.


We don't always skip holidays, holiday weekends, or holiday weeks. If we are skipping days, our class' listing page will have a note indicating those days. If we are not skipping days, no note will appear. Please don't assume we will skip holidays.

Refund Policy

Withdrawal and deferment/change requests must be made via email to All time-related requests outlined below are in reference to the starting time of your class' first session.

  • Withdrawal requests sent one-week or more before class will be honored in-full less a $50 refund fee.
  • Withdrawal requests sent between one-week before and 24 hours after class will be honored in-full less a $100 refund fee.
  • We do not offer withdrawals 24 hours after class.
  • Deferment/changing requests sent one-week or more before class will be honored and changes made at no cost.
  • Deferment/changing requests sent between one-week before and 24 hours after class will be honored but a $100 processing fee will be charged before the change is made.
  • We do not offer deferment/changing 24 hours after class.
  • Changing to an earlier class has no cost.


  • If you accidentally made a purchase or realized immediately after that you made an error, we will make all changes free of fees up to 24 hours after your purchase. The request must also be received 24 hours before the start of the purchased item.
When a deferment fee is paid, the remaining credit is considered new as if it was freshly purchased. All time-related requests outlined are in relationship to this new time stamp. In the event an additional deferment or a withdrawal is needed, a second fee will be incurred. All processing fees are non-refundable.
We thought long and hard about our refund policy. We didn't want to be just another school that never allows refunds (we might be the only one). We understand that things in life can change and a policy of absolutely no refunds is too greedy. So we hope you will understand that the fees and timing requirements are simply there to make sure we can still cover our rent at the end of the day.

Minimum Class Size

Based on feedback and observations, classes with low enrollments are low energy and low satisfaction for participants. We have made a determination that classes need a minimum enrollment size to offer you the best experience. Classes that do not meet the minimum will be postponed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Since sign-ups can increase dramatically as a start date approaches, we often have to make postponement decisions only a day or two before class begins. Those enrolled will have the option to switch to an open class, stay put, or ask for a full refund.

Online Instruction and Technology

For classes being offered online, students are responsible for providing and maintaining the technology solution required to participate. Endgames uses Zoom for class meetings but may use a back-up solution should Zoom be temporarily unavailable. 

Students need a device capable of handling video conferencing (video, microphone, and audio) and an internet connection with bandwidth and speed sufficient to participate reliably. To combat audio feedback when it occurs, we require that students have headphones to use. If the instructor determines that a student's technology solution is insufficient or distracting to the class, we reserve the right to ask that student to not participate for the class day. In ability to participate is equivalent to not being in attendance for that duration.

Instructors will start video conference rooms 10 minutes before class to allow students the chance to test and troubleshoot technology issues. Limited, if any, time can be provided during the class to troubleshoot. 

Students agree not to record any portion of the class. 

Liability Waiver

I understand that there are inherent risks involved in Performing Arts Acting
Classes including the risk of serious physical injury or death and I FULLY
limited to: Variations in building conditions; employees, volunteers, other patrons
and spectators; equipment failure; lack of safety devices or inadequate safety
devices; lack of warnings or inadequate warnings; lack of instructions or
inadequate instructions; and the like.
I for myself do hereby release, forever discharge and agree to hold harmless Endgames Improv, LLC., Stage Werx Theater and their staff from any and all liability in the event of an accident or other harm incurred by the undersigned participant while said is in class or on the premises or participating in any activity on the premises.
All questions and concerns are welcomed via email at


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