How to Teach the Saturday Drop In

Endgames holds drop in classes on Saturday afternoons from noon to three. We've been doing drop in classes since way back in 2011, and many of our teachers got their legs under them by trying out teaching in a low stress environment like this one. If you'd like to teach drop ins for us, take a look at this outline of the process.


Only qualified teachers will be allowed to teach the drop in. There are three requirements that must be met.

  1. Complete the Endgames curriculum (i.e. Finish level 5 of our program)
  2. Attend one of our Teaching Workshops (These are held about twice a year, and are always posted in our Endgames Improv Community Facebook Group)
  3. Approval from our Education Director (This is currently Max McCal)

Signing Up

Once you've met the requirements above and have been approved as a teacher, you can sign up to teach. A list of open dates is available in this spreadsheet (read only). Sign up using this form. You will need to provide a few details.

  1. The date you'd like to teach. If you sign up for a date someone else has already claimed, it will not count, and you'll be notified. The classes spreadsheet will register a conflict if you do this, and whoever has the earlier timestamp on their sign up is the "winner".
  2. Your name. We need your full name. 
  3. The title of your workshop. This will be made public in the Eventbrite listing for your class, so something that sounds appealing is best.
  4. The description of your workshop. See the approval section below.

When you submit the form, go back to the spreadsheet to make sure it was registered. The date will switch from "Open" to "Filled", and your name and title should be visible.


Once you sign up, Max McCal or some other teacher will take a look to give you a final okay. Once you're approved, add it to your calendar! If you're on the page, we will assume you're teaching the workshop.

We will be looking at your description to make sure that the workshop is accessible to all levels, not overly specialized, and sounds valuable. You may get some questions or push back, but we're pretty open to most things. If you're struggling, here are some perennial topics that always work.

  1. Listening
  2. Playing characters
  3. Using your authentic self
  4. Stop judging your ideas
  5. Stage presence
  6. Space / Object work
  7. Group scenes
  8. Agreement
  9. Adding information / Specifics
  10. Heightening

Here are some things to avoid:

  1. Anything with a focus on format
  2. Specifically "advanced" classes
  3. Non-specific titles

Opening the space

The workshops always take place at 2081 Mission Street (The Endgames Training Center North). The space is locked with combination locks, and we'll provide you the combos when you go to open the space. You must arrive at the space by 11:45 to let people in.

Managing attendees

Checking in attendees is a required part of the job. A tablet will be mounted on the wall at the space. You'll be able to use the Eventbrite app to see who has purchased a ticket, and to check them in. You can also do this on your phone with the app if you prefer.

Tickets can be purchased online at We'll also provide a square reader so you can sell tickets at the door. If you have any questions about any of this on the day of your workshop, contact Max, Scott, or Kari. Payment in cash is not accepted. The workshop is capped at 18 attendees, so please don't sell more than that. 

Getting Paid

Teaching at Endgames is always paid work. We pay $80 for each drop in you teach. We'll reach out to you after completion of the drop in class to get this to you.


If you have any feedback about the process or if anything happens at the drop in that needs attention, you can contact Kari, Scott, or Max. 













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