Volunteer Guide



Expectations for Volunteers

Volunteer Policies


  • By volunteering, you agree to certain ground rules pertaining to inappropriate conduct. Please read over the Volunteer Conduct form.


  • We encourage everyone to perform as much as possible! We do ask that you confirm your swap or coverage with the Volunteer Coordinator before accepting any performing opportunities on the night you are scheduled.
  • You will not be able to host or perform during your scheduled shifts.
    • Accepting a performance opportunity is not grounds for missing a shift. It will be counted as a no-show.

Who’s in charge?

You’ll be told what to do by the Stage Manager on a daily basis. They are responsible for guiding you to where you need to be and what you need to do.

  • Stage managers run the theater
  • Kari McCullough is the current stage manager coordinator
  • In general, there is a Stage Manager, but if there’s none, the show’s producer is in charge

You’ll be given your shifts and class assignments by the Volunteer Coordinator.

  • Kari McCullough ( is the current volunteer coordinator
  • Direct all scheduling questions and general work study program comments to her

Pre-Show Responsibilities

  • Each Month, The Volunteer Coordinator will email all scheduled staff a link to the upcoming month's schedule and show information.
  • Check the Del Close online portal each Sunday to see the week’s assignments
  • Email asap to communicate conflicts
  • Keep your info up to date on the Endgames Contact List
  • Use this list to find the contact info for producers, stage managers, directors and other volunteers
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the show time. If it's your first day, arrive 30 minutes prior to show time. Your call time is stated on your schedule.
  • If you will be late, text your stage manager

The Door

  • Never leave the front desk unattended if the front door is open.
  • If you need to leave the door for any reason, either pull it shut or ask the stage manager to watch it.
  • Do not allow patrons to bring food into the theater. It is allowed in the lobby, and performers may eat in the green room.
  • Beverages are allowed. Do not tell anyone that alcohol is allowed or that this is a BYOB venue. We don’t actively search people for alcohol.
  • The combination to the front desk lock is 22-08-22.
  • Our cash box has “ticket till” sharpied across it. (There is another one that is for non-EG shows.)
  • Cash box starts the night with $200 and ends the night with $200, in as many small bills as possible. Your stage manager will count it at the start and end and will deposit profits. Do not take responsibility for it as a volunteer!
  • Asus tablet unlocks to 0-3-1-8.
  • Ask your stage manager to give you a walkthrough of Eventbrite (for presales) and Square (for credit card sales).
  • Some people got their tickets ahead of time on Goldstar at a discounted price. Since we do not print out the call sheet, you can let anyone in who says they got their tickets on Goldstar.
  • If anyone is harassing you or our patrons, attempt to calmly diffuse the situation. You can ask your Stage Manager or any Producer for help at any time. Ty McKenzie (Stage Werx owner, our landlady) can be texted at any time at 415-905-0775 and is usually in the theater.

During Shows

  • Either the front doors or the stage door must be shut during performances.
  • You must be able to hear people knocking, as latecomers are common.
  • Turn off the lobby lights (switch is between the front door and the mirror) if the stage door is open.
  • One lobby light will stay on; it is motion detecting.
  • Quietly allow latecomers in, either through the main door or, if crowded, through the tech booth entrance.
  • Do not send audience members up the stairs unattended! Walk them to the tech booth door, knock, and ask the tech/stage manager if they may cut through.
  • Some people knocking and coming in late will be performers for the next show. They can come in and up the stairs, and they will go to the green room.
  • Students may arrive as well, and they can be allowed through and up the stairs.
  • It’s okay to escort audience members to the restroom in the back as well.
  • Keep the lobby quiet, please.

After Shows

  • Open the door to the auditorium and the door to the outside when you hear the loud music come on at show’s end.
  • OK to start letting people in for the next show even if the house still has people in it. (Only exception: Your Fucked Up Relationship shows.)
  • After the final show of the night, and all/most of the patrons have left, pull the front door shut and begin cleaning process.
  • Cleaning supplies are located behind the black curtain across from the restrooms.
  • You may take the bottle of cleaner plus a rag. Used but still good rags are on the nails on the right. Clean new rags are on the top shelf. Dirty unusable rags are in the red bucket to be washed.
  • Begin to survey the auditorium for spills. Check the stage, the stairs, the rows, and the main entryway. Use a few drops/a squirt of fluid for everything; rag alone is not enough. Do not use paper towels; they are expensive.
  • Take a trash can with you and visually sweep the aisles for trash.
  • Empty the trash cans. You are not responsible for the bathrooms; Ty does all bathroom care. There are 6 main trash cans to check:
    1. Front door
    2. Hallway black can
    3. Hallway blue can
    4. Tech booth
    5. Back stairs landing halfway up
    6. Greenroom
  • Bags are located on the middle shelf of the cleaning supplies closet.
  • Check in with your stage manager before taking off; they will thank you and tell you if you’re good to go. :)

YFUR Friday Shows

  • 9:00 PM Show
    • Line up Eventbrite pre-sales south of the door (towards 16th).
    • Line up walk-ups (who need to purchase) towards the north (towards 15th).
    • Make sure the sidewalk is clear for neighborhood traffic, and politely ask patrons not to drink alcohol on the sidewalk.
    • Let the pre-sales in first, then sell tickets until we reach the cap.
      • 15 minutes before a show starts, we will release all unsold seats to students. 
      • If we have tickets sold, but unclaimed, we will until 5 minutes after the show starts before releasing those tickets at our discretion.
    • Your stage manager will let you know when the theater is full.
  • 10:30pm Show
    • Hand out vouchers to anyone who arrives looking for one, beginning at 9:15 pm.
    • If patrons stay around, we ask them to be in an ordered line south of the door (towards 16th).
    • You can follow the procedure document from there.
  • Getting audience volunteers
    • Source volunteers from the audience in line and write their names on the paper tags contained in the black vinyl zip-up envelope at the front desk.
    • Don’t let anyone write a friend’s name down, we only want willing participants.
    • We only need two names, so don’t stress about it too much.
    • A sample of how to ask: “This show is called your fucked up relationship. The performers are going to interview a couple of audience members about a crazy relationship they had in the past. You don’t need to be funny, we just want honest stories and details. Does that sound like something you’d like to do?”


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