Front of House Guide



Expectations for Front of House Persons

FOH Policies

  • Please be sure to read over the FOH Policies before your first day.


  • By providing your services as a Front of House person, you agree to certain ground rules pertaining to inappropriate conduct. Please read over the FOH Conduct form.


  • We encourage everyone to perform as much as possible! We do ask that you confirm your swap or coverage with the FOH Coordinator before accepting any performing opportunities on the night you are scheduled.
  • You will not be able to host or perform during your scheduled shifts.
    • Accepting a performance opportunity is not grounds for missing a shift. It will be counted as a no-show.

Who’s in charge?

During your shift, the Stage Manager will be the person in charge. They are responsible for guiding you to where you need to be and what you need to do.

  • Stage managers run the theater.
  • Kari McCullough is the current stage manager coordinator.
  • In general, there is a Stage Manager, but if there’s none, the show’s producer is in charge.

 The FOH Coordinator assigns your shifts and handles class enrollments.

  • Kari McCullough ( is the current FOH coordinator.
    • Direct all scheduling and general FOH program questions/comments/concerns to FOH coordinator.

Pre-Show Responsibilities

  • You are required to fill out your monthly availability once a month by the second Wednesday of each month to get on the schedule for the following month.
  • Each month, the FOH Coordinator will send out an email announcing the posted schedule
  • Check the Endgames Website each Sunday to see the week’s shows.
  • Email asap to communicate unforeseen conflicts.
  • Your email and phone number will be required so that Endgames employees can communicate with you.
    • This information will not be shared with anyone outside of the Endgames staff and other FOH persons.
      • Contact information is found on the List page in Delclose.
    • You can use the blind mailing list to reach out to all FOH persons listed and not listed on Delclose at once:

Call time

  • FIRST DAY Only.
    • 30 minutes prior to showtime.
  • Stage Werx.
    • 15 minutes prior to showtime.
    • 30 minutes prior to YFUR showtime.
  • ETC South
    • 30 minutes prior to showtime.

The Stage Manager will expect you at these listed call times. If you are not there, they will text/call you to check-in and make sure you are on your way.

First Day Need to Knows

  • Arrive on time. Contact your Stage Manager if you are running late.
  • Never leave the front lobby unattended if the door is open/unlocked.
  • If you need to leave the door for any reason, either close/lock it or ask the stage manager to watch it.
  • The cash box is located at the front desk. The Stage Manager is responsible for counting it. You will handle the money during the shows.
  • Front lobby tablet is used for Eventbrite, Square, and Goldstar to check people in. And accessing the Endgames websites.
  • Your Stage Manager will give you a walkthrough on your first day. It is your responsibility to be prepared for your first shift.

During Shows

  • You are responsible for the front door.
    • Letting attendees in and answering questions.
    • Maintaining a good flow to help shows start on time.
    • Latecomers are quietly escorted to the tech booth. Make sure the front door is locked before leaving the lobby.
    • Keep the lobby quiet.
    • Answering questions for those passing.
    • Hold the patrons at the door if requested by the Stage Manager.
  • If anyone is harassing you or our patrons, attempt to calmly diffuse the situation. You can ask your Stage Manager or any Producer for help at any time.
    • Ty McKenzie (Stage Werx owner, our landlady) can be texted at any time and is usually in the theater. - Contact for STAGE WERX ONLY.
    • Contact Kari, Max, or Scott if you are unable to get help from your Stage Manager or Producers. - Contact for ETC South or Stage Werx.

After Shows

  • After the final show of the night, and all/most of the patrons have left, close/lock the front door to keep people from entering and begin the cleaning process.
    • See checklists for the cleaning processes.

YFUR Friday Shows

  • These shows require the most work because they are our busiest nights. You are expected to read through the documents explaining how to run these shows.
  • Requires two FOHs.
    • First FOH scheduled leaves around 11 pm with Stage Manager approval.
    • Second FOH scheduled closes.
  • Get audience volunteers
    • Get people to sign themselves to potentially talk about their fucked up relationship on stage.


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